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Step Up Deer River is more than a coalition;

we're a movement inspired by the strength, creativity, and passion of our young people.

We envision a future where every youth in Deer River thrives, free from the hindrance of substance abuse.

But we can't do it alone. We need you.

Whether you're a parent, a business, a community member, or a student, there's a place for you in our mission.

Here's your opportunity to make a difference, to create a ripple of change that reaches every corner of our community.

Whether you have five minutes, a few hours, or a bit longer, we need you! Step up, and let's shape the future of Deer River together!

For Parents

Parental Guidance: Attend our workshops to gain insights on effectively communicating about substance abuse. To register for our upcoming workshops, visit our Events page or email us at [email address].

Volunteer: Participate in our community events, help organize workshops, or assist with administrative tasks. To get started, fill out our Volunteer Application Form or reach out to our volunteer coordinator at [email address].

For Businesses

Sponsorship: Sponsoring our events or programs provides your business visibility and recognition in our community. To explore sponsorship opportunities, get in touch with our partnership coordinator at [email address].

Partnerships: Collaborate with us to drive positive change. Potential partnerships could involve:

  • Hosting joint events or campaigns aimed at promoting healthy choices among youth.
  • Providing in-kind donations of products or services that support our programs.
  • Offering your employees paid time off to volunteer with us.

For more details, contact us at [email address] to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

For Community Members

Volunteer: Give back to your community by volunteering your time and skills. Visit our Volunteer page to explore opportunities and apply.

Advocate: Help raise awareness about our cause. You can support us on social media by following our accounts and sharing our posts.

Donate: Every dollar counts. Your donation will directly support our programs and services. To make a donation, visit our Donate page.

For Students

Internship: We offer internships to students interested in social work, community development, marketing, social media or public health. As an intern, you will gain hands-on experience, learn from industry professionals, and contribute to meaningful projects.

If you're ready to take the next step in supporting the young people of Deer River, don't hesitate to reach out. Whether you're a parent, business owner, community member, or student, your contribution matters. Contact us with any questions, ideas, or interest in getting involved.

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